Announcing the Launch of the Node Sale on Arbitrum

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Node Sale, now live on the Arbitrum network! This pivotal event marks a significant step forward in our journey towards democratizing artificial intelligence through decentralized infrastructure. 

Seize the Opportunity: Node Sale

Purchase here:

The Node Sale is not just a chance to participate in a cutting-edge technological revolution; it’s an opportunity to contribute to a decentralized AI network that promises to reshape the industry. By securing a node, you’re not only investing in technology but also becoming part of a movement that leverages collective power to drive innovation and accessibility in AI.

Key Sale Details

  • Network Platform: Arbitrum
  • Initial Tier Pricing: 0.049 $ETH for the first 3,000 nodes
  • Rewards: Secure your node today and start earning gXALLY tokens while powering state-of-the-art AI solutions.

This initial sale on Arbitrum is just the beginning. We chose Arbitrum for its robust scalability and lower transaction costs, ensuring that participants have a seamless experience. Each node purchased helps strengthen the network’s efficiency and security, laying the groundwork for a resilient AI service ecosystem.

Exclusive Benefits for Node Owners

Investing in and running a Node comes with a suite of benefits designed to reward your contribution and engagement:

  • $gXALLY Rewards: Earn gXALLY tokens as a direct reward for the time and resources your node contributes to the network.
  • Airdrops: Enjoy exclusive airdrops, giving you access to additional rewards simply for being a node owner.
  • Revenue Sharing: Participate in revenue sharing, where a portion of the earnings generated by the ecosystem is distributed among node owners, aligning your success with that of the entire network.
  • Referral Commission: For every node purchase you successfully refer, enjoy a 5% commission rate in $SOL or $ETH, which is instantly transferred to your wallet, providing an immediate boost to your rewards. Meanwhile, your invitees will receive a 5% discount on the node price. Get your referral link/code here:

Why Participate in the Node Sale?

Participants in the Node Sale are at the forefront of a transformative blockchain application. Here are a few reasons why securing a node is a worthwhile investment:

  • Innovative AI Solutions: Each node contributes to a broader network that powers innovative AI solutions, from data processing to complex problem-solving.
  • Earning Potential: Node operators earn rewards in the form of gXALLY tokens, providing not only a return on investment but also ongoing passive income.
  • Support Decentralization: Your participation helps prevent the monopolization of AI, promoting an equitable distribution of AI benefits.

Join Us Now!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. The Node Sale is live, and you can join through our straightforward process outlined on our Node Sale Page:

For additional guidance on setting up your node, visit: 

Looking Ahead: Expansion to Solana

While we are excited about our launch on Arbitrum, plans are already underway to expand the Node Sale to the Solana network, ensuring greater accessibility and inclusion across the blockchain space. Stay tuned for more details!

Be Part of Something Bigger

By participating in the Node Sale, you’re not just buying into technology—you’re supporting a vision. A vision that sees AI and blockchain not just as tools, but as catalysts for greater innovation, fairness, and opportunity in the digital age.

Join us today, and let’s build the future of decentralized AI together! – Future of AI-Powered Assistants
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