Xally Chain – Powered by Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM)

We are thrilled to announce the evolution of Xally.ai with the launch of Xally Chain, a pioneering Bitcoin Layer 2 solution powered by the innovative Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM). This strategic expansion marks our transition from an AI platform to a fully integrated AI blockchain network, leveraging Bitcoin’s robust architecture to empower AI-driven projects.

Xally Chain – Empowering AI Agents on Bitcoin Layer 2

Xally makes AI more accessible through scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure. Built on Bitcoin Layer 2, we ensure transparency and trust in AI development, while our ecosystem enables effortless creation of advanced AI applications.

Built on Bitcoin Layer 2, Xally Chain combines the unparalleled security and decentralization of Bitcoin with off-chain computation verification, opening up a world of possibilities for developers.

We offer the blockchain infrastructure tailored for the next generation of AI applications, encompassing:

Scalable and Secure Blockchain Infrastructure

Xally utilizes Bitcoin Layer 2 to create a scalable, secure, and cost-effective environment for AI applications. This infrastructure is underpinned by a governance model driven by a native token economy, optimizing conditions for AI agents to excel.

Cutting-Edge AI Resources

Xally offers a suite of ready-to-deploy AI modules and high-performance computing resources from leading GPU providers, ensuring seamless integration and peak performance for all AI initiatives.

Collaborative Community and Launchpad

The Xally Launchpad acts as a dynamic catalyst for AI projects, providing a platform for crowdsourced funding and extensive support from a global network of AI professionals. This community-driven approach accelerates innovation and facilitates substantial advancements in AI development.

Strategic Partnership with Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM)

About BVM

Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) is the first modular blockchain metaprotocol that enables developers to launch their own Bitcoin L2 blockchain protocols swiftly and efficiently. BVM is EVM-compatible, making it easy for developers to integrate and execute AI functionalities directly within their smart contracts.

BVM’s Robust Community

BVM is supported by a robust and active community of developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts. This community not only drives BVM’s innovation but also forms a powerful user-base and investor community that supports projects powered by BVM. Regular events engage community members, fostering a vibrant network that contributes to the platform’s evolution and resilience. The community’s feedback and collaborative efforts are integral to refining BVM’s capabilities, ensuring it remains at the cutting-edge of blockchain technology.

Cutting-edge AI Features

  • Fully Onchain AI: Xally Chain utilizes BVM’s capability to run fully onchain AI, ensuring that AI applications are not just smart but intelligent.
  • AI Smart Contracts: With BVM’s AI Contracts Library, developers can easily code neural networks in Solidity, embedding sophisticated AI directly into their DApps.
  • Tokenized AI Models: BVM allows for the tokenization of AI models as NFTs, enabling new forms of AI ownership and trading.
  • Data Availability Module: BVM employs a hybrid approach to data storage, combining Bitcoin’s security with the scalability and cost efficiency of Data Availability (DA) networks like Polygon, Filecoin, Near, and Celestia.
  • Data Validation Module: This critical feature of BVM ensures a secure, reliable, and decentralized foundation for the entire stack, promoting trust and integrity across all applications.

Partnership Benefits

Our partnership with BVM equips Xally Chain with extraordinary functionality and performance capabilities tailored specifically for AI projects. BVM’s network not only provides Xally with access to a robust community and user base but also enhances our platform’s integration and outreach capabilities.

🚀 Testnet Launch: Xally Chain on April 26, 2024

The launch of the Xally Chain testnet is a pivotal opportunity for developers and users to engage with this advanced technology firsthand. This milestone marks the beginning of a new era where participants can actively test, build, and innovate within a decentralized AI framework.

🎉 Big Prize Pool for Testnet Participants

To celebrate the launch and encourage robust participation, we are offering a significant prize pool for participants in the testnet campaign. This incentive aims to reward those who are actively involved in testing, providing feedback, and helping to refine the functionalities of Xally Chain.

Join now at: https://network.xally.ai/

Join us on this revolutionary journey to embrace the future of decentralized AI through Xally Chain, supported by the renowned capabilities of BVM. Stay tuned for continuous updates as we push the boundaries of what AI and blockchain technology can achieve together.

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