Xally.ai Embarks on a New Journey with AWS Activate

Xally.ai is thrilled to announce our latest milestone: becoming a member of AWS Activate. This pivotal move is set to amplify our capabilities, particularly in the realm of AI, by providing us with the resources and support to expand our experimental models beyond those we’ve been exploring with OpenAI and Llama from Microsoft Azure.

AWS Activate: Fueling Startup Innovation

AWS Activate is designed to help startups like Xally.ai transform their ideas into scalable solutions. Through this program, startups gain access to a wealth of resources, including AWS credits, technical support, and training. These benefits are tailored to grow alongside the startup, adapting to its evolving needs and supporting its development journey.

The Power of AWS Credits

One of the most significant advantages of joining AWS Activate is the potential to receive up to $100,000 in credits. This substantial financial support is aimed at offsetting AWS costs, allowing startups to leverage the vast array of AWS services without the weight of extensive initial investments. Credit eligibility varies based on the startup’s stage and affiliations with Activate Providers—accelerators, investors, and startup organizations globally committed to fostering innovation.

Expanding AI Horizons with AWS

The collaboration with AWS opens up new frontiers for Xally.ai, especially in experimenting with advanced AI models. AWS’s extensive cloud services, renowned for their breadth and depth, offer over 200 fully featured services, including cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies. This enables Xally.ai to extend our AI model experimentation to include not only OpenAI GPT-4 and Llama 2 from Microsoft Azure but also AWS’s Mistral and Claude 2.1, among others.

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AWS: A Generative AI Powerhouse

AWS stands out as a comprehensive solution for generative AI, catering to both startups and enterprises. Its commitment to innovation in generative AI is evident through its offering of enterprise-grade security, access to leading foundation models, and AI-powered applications. This ecosystem makes it easier for startups like Xally.ai to build, scale, and customize generative AI applications tailored to specific data, use cases, and customer needs.

Conclusion: Xally.ai’s Future with AWS Activate

Becoming a member of AWS Activate marks a significant leap forward for Xally.ai. This partnership not only bolsters our infrastructure and expands our AI model repertoire but also aligns with our mission to push the boundaries of AI innovation. With AWS’s support, we’re poised to explore new dimensions of generative AI, furthering our commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions. Stay tuned as we embark on this exhilarating journey with AWS Activate, where every step forward promises new possibilities and breakthroughs in the world of AI.

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