How to Join the Xally Public Sale: A Step-by-Step Guide

Joining the Xally Public Sale offers a unique opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking blockchain initiative. To enhance your involvement and potential benefits, it’s important to understand each phase of the process, particularly the Boosting Phase, which allows you to increase your token allocation.

Key Information for the Public Sale

  • Total Allocation: 80,000,000 $XALLY Tokens
  • Vesting: 100% vesting at TGE
  • Networks Supported: Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Compatible Wallets: EVM, Unisat, XVerse
  • Accepted Currencies:
    • XVerse/Unisat wallet: $BTC
    • EVM Wallet: $ETH, $USDT, $USDC
  • Sale Timeline: Contributions open from 8 AM UTC May 27 to 8 AM UTC May 30, 2024.
  • Access: The sale is open to everyone; no whitelist is required.
  • Mechanism: Contributions include a boosting opportunity for increased token allocation.

Understanding the Contribution & Boosting Mechanism

Contribution Process

Participants contribute an amount in $BTC or $ETH to the public sale pool. At the end of the public sale, the final allocation of $XALLY tokens each participant receives corresponds to their share of the total contribution pool. For example, if you contribute $10,000 worth of $BTC and the total contribution pool is $10,000,000, your contribution represents 0.1% of the total pool. Thus, you would receive 0.1% of the total token allocation (80M tokens), which equals 80,000 $XALLY tokens.

Note: Your contribution does not include boosted allocation. For instance, a $100k contribution with a 30% boost is effectively treated as a $100k contribution for contribution ranking purpose.

Boosting Details

With boost, you receive an additional amount of tokens (5-30%) from your initial purchase without any cost. It’s a way Xally Chain reward our community members and pre-sale campaign participants.

Who Gets Boosted?

Top 100 Contributors on the Leaderboard: The top 100 contributors on the leaderboard will enjoy a 30% allocation boost. Here, the contributions are significantly impactful. The leaderboard contribution amount is calculated based on the total contributions from all contributions a wallet has created and is converted to USD at a real-time exchange rate.

Xally Chain OGs: Tier 3 (10% allocation boost) was granted based on a snapshot on May 20 for:

🥇 Top 500 users with the most XPoints

🌐 All Xally node owners

🎮 OG role owners on Discord

Learn more:

Boosting Phase Participants (May 20 – 26): Participants receive boosts based on their tier:

Tier 1: 30% boost

Tier 2: 20% boost

Tier 3: 10% boost

Tier 4: 5% boost

Learn more:

Note: If you meet multiple boosting requirements, you will receive the highest boost, up to a maximum of 30%. For example, if you already have a 10% boost before and now finish in the top 100, your total boost will be 30%, not 40%.

Final Allocation

After the public sale ends, Final Top 100 contributors are finalized and snapshotted. You will see your token amount 48 hours after the public sale finishes. Your tokens will be allocated based on your contribution ratio within the total contribution pool of all users. This ensures a fair distribution based on participation and boosting tier.

Steps to Participate

  • Step 1: Access AI Starter at
  • Step 2: Connect your wallet. Supported wallets include Unisat, Xverse, and EVM Wallets.
    • Click Connect Wallet and choose one of the wallet to connect
  • Click Connect on your wallet app
  • Click Sign on your wallet app
  • Step 3: Enter the amount of $BTC or $ETH tokens to contribute then click Confirm
  • Step 4: Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • Click View Contribution History to view your history of contribution

Token Price and Token Allocation

The token price for the Public Sale will be determined at the end of the sale, as there is no hard cap. To calculate the token price, you can use the information available 48 hours after the Public Sale ends when your token amount is displayed.

The number of tokens you will receive is calculated as follows:

(80M tokens × Your Boosted Contribution)/Total Boosted Contribution Pool

– Contribution: This represents your actual contributions. You will see this on the leaderboard.

– Boosted Contribution: This is your real contribution plus any boosts. It is only visible to you and may change when the leaderboard updates. For example, contributing $100k with a 30% boost will be recognized as a $130k contribution for token allocation purposes.

TGE & Listing Plan

$XALLY TGE is set for early June 2024.

We commit to adding 30-35% of the total funds raised to the liquidity pool on Uniswap. The remaining funds will be allocated to CEX listings and marketing events.

Detail Plan:

– Listing Time: Early June 2024

– Exchange: Uniswap and CEXs

– Listing Price: TBA

– Distribution Time: TBA

– Distribution Method: Claim

– Liquidity Pool: 30-35% of total funds raised, locked for 12 months

By following these steps and understanding the boosting mechanism, you can maximize your participation and potential benefits in the Xally Public Sale. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of this innovative blockchain project!

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