How to Export Your Naka Chain Wallet to MetaMask

Follow this guide to see your GSWP on MetaMask:

  1. Visit the Naka Chain Website: Navigate to the official Naka Chain website.

2. Connect Your Wallet: Use the website interface to connect your Naka Chain wallet.

3. Export Your Private Key: Select the “Export Private Key” option from the menu. Copy the private key to your clipboard.

4. Open Your Metamask wallet and click on the name of your account.

5. Click on “Add account or hardware wallet, then “Import Account” from the dropdown menu.

6. Paste Your Private Key: Paste the copied private key into the designated field to add your Naka Chain wallet.


Once you’ve followed all the steps, your Naka Chain wallet should be fully integrated with MetaMask.

This guide will ensure you can safely and efficiently export your Naka Chain wallet to MetaMask for enhanced accessibility and management of your assets.

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