Xally.ai’s Xpoint Hunter: Embark on the 5,000,000 $XALLY Token Quest

Dive into Xally.ai’s Xpoint Hunter, a captivating campaign that engages our community with a vast bounty of 5,000,000 $XALLY tokens.

This initiative is an open invitation to become an essential part of our ecosystem, where completing social quests not only yields rewards but also strengthens your ties within the Xally.ai landscape.

The Adventure Awaits

Xpoint Hunter offers an enriching journey through the heart of Xally.ai, rewarding every social quest with a step closer to a significant portion of $XALLY tokens. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Collect XPoints: Each quest completed earns you XPoints, reflecting your engagement, effort, and integration into the Xally.ai community.
  2. Convert to $XALLY Tokens: Your XPoints are your key to unlocking $XALLY tokens. Stay tuned for the conversion rate announcement, adding an exciting twist to your quest.
  3. Enhance Your Rewards with Referrals: With the upcoming referral feature, your quest becomes even more rewarding. Bring new participants into Xpoint Hunter and watch as your XPoints and potential token earnings increase with each referral.

Your Quest Begins

1. Launch Your Journey: Your adventure begins at https://xally.ai/quest/, the gateway to Xpoint Hunter.

2. Establish Your Presence: Connect your wallet effortlessly to mark your unique spot in the Xally.ai universe.

Link your Phantom wallet, the designated wallet for Solana network transactions. If you haven’t set up a Phantom wallet yet, you can download it here.

3. Enter your invite code

Enter your invite code.

If you know about the XPoint Hunter program without a friend’s invitation, enter the default invite code “xally“, then click Verify > Let’s go.

4. Dive into Social Quests: Embark on a variety of social quests designed to entertain, challenge, and enlighten, enhancing the vibrant community life. Click Start to conquer each quest.

5. Claim Your XPoints: After completing each quest, claim your XPoints and watch your tally grow, symbolizing your active participation in the Xally.ai world.

6. Invite friends: Copy your invitation code then share it with your friends to win extra XPoints

Xpoint Hunter is an odyssey into the essence of the Xally.ai community, where social interactions lead to tangible rewards and deeper connections.

Complete Quests and Earn with Xally.ai

Quest 1: Welcome to Xally

Begin your journey into the world of Xally.ai and immerse yourself in our vibrant community. This quest is your first step to spreading the word and earning rewards. Complete the following tasks to claim your 100 Xpoints welcome bonus:

  • Join the Xally Discord Community: Connect with fellow enthusiasts and stay updated on the latest from Xally.
  • Follow Xally on 𝕏: Keep tabs on our updates and engage with our content.
  • Subscribe to the Xally Telegram Channel: Get instant notifications about news and events.
  • Join the Xally Telegram Group: Dive into discussions, share insights, and be part of the conversation.
  • Like Our Tweet on 𝕏: Show your support for Xally by liking our announcement tweet.
  • Repost the Announcement: Help spread the word by reposting our welcome announcement on 𝕏.

Quest 2: Experience Our Meme AI

Prepare to unleash laughter with BOME AI, Xally.ai’s very own Meme AI. Engage with BOME AI to discover the fun side of AI and earn 50 Xpoints:

  • Explore BOME AI: Get to know BOME AI and its capabilities on our Product page.
  • Experience BOME AI on Discord: Interact with BOME AI directly within our Discord community and witness meme magic in action.

Quest 3: Make the Connection

Dive deeper into the Xally universe with a simple yet impactful quest that intertwines your digital presence with the expansive world of Xally.ai. Making this connection is your gateway to further exploration and rewards within our community. By completing this quest, you’ll earn a substantial reward of 120 XPoints, enriching your Xally experience.

1. Let’s Get Social: Link Your 𝕏 Now

Integrate your social presence with the Xally community in just a few steps and unlock the benefits that await:

2. Add Xally to Your 𝕏 Name: Show your affiliation and support for Xally.ai by incorporating “❀️ Xally” into your 𝕏 username. This small gesture signifies your connection to our vibrant community and your enthusiasm for what lies ahead in the Xally universe.

3. Express Your Xally Experience on 𝕏: Take to 𝕏 to share your thoughts, experiences, or expectations with Xally.ai. Whether it’s excitement about future possibilities, your current engagement with our platform, or simply spreading the Xally love, your tweet contributes to a broader conversation about innovation and community in the blockchain space.

Quest 4: Daily Task 🌟

Earn a minimum of 50 XPoints daily by sharing $XALLY on Twitter. πŸ“ˆ

πŸ•› Reset occurs at 00:00 UTC each day. Make sure to claim your reward within the day.

Multiplier for earnings based on your Twitter followers:

– Less than 10k followers: 1x multiplier

– 10k – 25k followers: 2x multiplier

– 25k – 50k followers: 5x multiplier

– 50k – 100k followers: 8x multiplier

– 100k or more followers: 10x multiplier

Here’s what you can do:

🐦 Tweet, quote, or reply to a tweet, including the $XALLY ticker in each one.

πŸ“£ Post at least 20 tweets per day.

πŸ”— Enter their URLs, separating them with an Enter, in the field below for verification to claim your daily rewards.

By completing these tasks, you not only strengthen your ties with the Xally.ai community but also contribute to our collective journey in exploring the potential of blockchain and AI. Your voice and presence are valuable to usβ€”let’s make the connection and continue to grow together.

Embark on these quests to not only explore the fascinating world of Xally.ai but also to start accumulating Xpoints, paving your way to amazing rewards. Your adventure awaits!

Are you ready to join this exciting quest and secure your share of the 5,000,000 $XALLY token treasure? The hunt is on, and a realm of opportunities awaits.

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